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What Are Blender Templates?

13 Dec, 2020

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Blender is a multifunctional graphics production software that empowers users to do anything from creating home videos to producing full 3D open movies. Among it's capabilities are 3D animation, 2D animation, VFX, video editing, and Motion Graphics.


That last one is where we mostly come in.

At Skyway, we make professional quality Motion Graphics templates using Blender 3D. Traditionally, Professional Motion Graphics are created in expensive suites like After Effects, Premiere Pro or Cinema 4D. We utilized the worlds most powerful Open Source suite to create graphics that you can use without expensive subscriptions.

You can use this free software to modify and edit our templates.

But first, let's get into the details of exactly what a 'Blender Template' is.

Below, there's overview and explanation of what a Blender template is, how to use them, and more

  • What are "Blender Templates"?

  • How do I use a Blender template?

  • How Much is Blender?