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Free & powerful Template Editor tool

Introducing The Wizard - a free and powerful tool that helps you customize your templates easily and quickly

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Main Features

How it works

The Wizard is an addon for Blender, created by Skyway to help you edit our templates quickly and easily. With it, you can replace colors, videos, pictures and more with your own media. Scroll down to see more of what The Wizard can do

Edit Colors

Edit colors using an intuitive UI. Easily change the theme colors of a template

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Customize Text

Enter your text in the placeholders to have your text display in the project

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Customize Images

Use any of your images. Open & import using the UI and use recommended project resolution per project

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Import  & Offset Videos

Open a video using the UI and see it in the viewport. Change when it starts & watch your media come to life

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Compatible Blender Templates

The Wizard works with all of our products. Explore the latest picks from our catalog


Travel Paintbrush Slideshow


Motion Graphics


Animated Wedding Invitation


Motion Graphics

Modern Sport Opener.png

Modern Sport Opener


Motion Graphics